What We Do


what we do


Empower patients to take control of their lives and live on their own terms.



Provide patient centered, multimodal pain care with an emphasis on maximizing pain reduction, increasing activity, minimizing disability, enhancing psychological wellbeing, improving quality of life and wellness, as well as, decreasing the opioid burden in our communities through precise diagnosis, patient education and evidence based treatments.



We at SEVA Pain Institute believe there is no bigger problem facing our communities today then the opioid epidemic and helping those suffering from chronic pain. We established SEVA Pain Institute to serve the hard working people of the San Joaquin Valley and the surrounding areas with the goal of preventing chronic pain and opioid addiction while achieving Vitality and Wellness for our patients. We plan on achieving this through precision diagnoses, patient education and cutting edge non-opioid treatment modalities.

The meaning of SEVA in Sanskrit is “Selfless Service” but for us at SEVA Pain Institute each letter also represents a principle for how we approach the treatment of our patients.

Surgery avoidance(S): Through non-opioid medication management, diagnostic and therapeutic injections and cutting edge minimally invasive procedures.

Empowerment through education (E): It’s our job to educate our patients about their conditions and provide the tools (Whether it’s lifestyle modifications, dietary changes or participation in exercise regimens) to help them achieve their treatment goals.

Vitality and wellness (V): Through our Surgery avoidance techniques, empowerment through education and use of alternative therapies we will help our patients achieve Vitality and Wellness of their mind and bodies.

Alternative Therapies (A): We believe each patient and there condition is unique and we must tailor our therapeutic modalities to accommodate for each patients beliefs and lifestyle. We are always looking for alternative therapies outside of traditional medication management and injections. These include but are not limited to: Yoga. Meditation, tia-chi, acupuncture , cryotherapy , ketamine infusions, stem cell /platelet rich plasma therapies.

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